Andra’s Men’s Look of the Week

1 Aug

I really dig a well done casual look; It’s my opinion that a guy can never do wrong with a tee shirt, jeans and classic footwear. However today I added The KZO Aliso Grey Hoodie and the Obey Ruger Yellow Knit to round out our casual look. The Springcourt shoes are some of our most comfortable, classic and best smelling shoes in store (because the’ve got a spearmint scented insole, your feet will never stank!). All together this is a comfy chill look that will make you feel like you haven’t changed out from your Pajama’s.

Quicksilver The Looks S/S GRY Tee Shirt $60 (Now 20% off)
KZO Aliso Hoodie GRY $110 (Now 20% off)
Insight The Buzzcock Jeans $94 ( Now 20% off)
Obey Ruger Yellow Knit $20
Springcourt G2 M WHT $80
Springcourt G2 GRY $84
Springcourt G4 $168



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