Johnny Knoxville for Sabre Pepper Spray

13 Sep

Here’s an oldie, but a goodie. Jackass star Johnny Knoxville tests a bunch of self defense gear on himself, including Sabre pepper spray. He gets hurt, people laugh, paychecks are cashed, good times are had, and the world is safe another day.

Belmont Army carries multiple varieties of Sabre Pepper spray to suit your personal needs, and the demands of your personal climate and situation. Sabre Pepper Spray comes in stream, foam and mist, and many of varieties come with either a UV marking dye that, that will leave an attacker marked for hours after the effects of the spray wear off without even knowing it, or a more overt marking dye, that will literally paint an assailant and their clothing bright orange or purple.

Stay safe, stay aware, and always remember: don’t spray yourself in the face with pepper spray unless someone’s paying to watch it, or you’ve lost a bet and are honor-bound to do so. It really, really hurts.


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