26 Oct

It’s Halloween Week, kiddos, and that means it’s time to get up and get down! Don’t think that Belmont Army doesn’t have holiday spirit, we sure do, and most of it is hiding up on the third (army surplus) and fourth (vintage) floors! They have LEGIT police, army, sailor, marine gear and accessories that will keep you from looking like a knock-off of the real thing! The vintage floor has every decade at your fingertips from disco dancing queen to groovy hippie swag that demands best costume award at any party.

And if you’re just dying to be dead, you can always be a zombie like the first floor last year (and even more so this year..hint hint) and threaten all sorts of mayhem. Either way, be sure to stop by the store this week and create your own award-worthy costume, we may even give you candy!



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