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Having a bike winter? Get some gear at Belmont Army

20 Jan

How’s your winter going? Have you been riding your bike like you were saying you would all through Summer and Fall? Don’t be embarassed, I just got back in the saddle after a week of the flu (and a month of being a lame chach) and it feels great.

The cold isn’t as cold as I thought it would be, and the streets aren’t as shitty as I remember. It is cold though, and the streets are shitty. You just gotta be prepared.

Belmont Army has all sorts of great shit to make your ride easier, including


Reversible face masks: black on one side, super creepy on the other


LED headlamps from Pelican, Cyclops, and Princeton Tec


Flyer's Caps from Rothco and Woolrich, as well as authentic military articles from Russia, Germany, and various other parts cold-ass Eastern Europe


with butt flaps! BUTT FLAPS!

Not to mention….

Durable, waterproof bags from Chrome, Timbuk2, Gravis and Burton.
Various weights of thermal tops and bottoms
Heavy wool gloves and glove liners
Socks from Wigwam and Carhartt
Dexterous leather utility gloves
Microwaveable hand warmers
Balaclavas and ski masks
Flasks and canteens
Blinking belts