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New Adidas!

17 Feb

I’ve had a lot of people come and ask me if we are receiving the latest Jeremy Scott for Adidas shoes…the answer is YES!  As a matter of fact, we just got them in and these puppies are amazing to look at. We also have the Pacer X James Bond for  David Beckham, and the Adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Superstar 80’s Whiz, which are all mesh with the classic shell toe.

JS Wings

David Beckham Pacer

Kazuki Superstar 80’s




15 Feb

Attention ladies and gentleman: Spring OBEY has arrived! The popular brand has brought a spring line with plenty of styles sure to please all–Including a line of basic extra soft tees and tanks in gray, white, and black. We also received more jewelry such as an amethyst ring, necklace, and feathered earrings. Spring is in the air as far as OBEY is concerned, we’re just waiting for Chicago to catch up.



12 Feb

These Quickstrikes from Nike SB are based off of Bill Cosby’s famous sweaters. They come with white and black laces and have a cool wool texture.


Time to “Slim” down

9 Feb

Time to start slimming down…your shoes I mean. I dont know about you but I’m a little tired of wearing heavy, bulky snow boots so these Converse slim sneakers are just the kick.

They are availible in Black/White (hi tops/low tops)  and Charcoal (low tops only).



8 Feb

Forget the flowers, get that special someone something less predictable for Valentine’s Day at Belmont Army! Our 20% sale has been extended until February 14th, and that means EVERYTHING on the first floor. Clothes, jewelry, sunglasses, coats/jackets, and accessories are all 20% off. Also, items currently on sale for 40% off get an additional 20% off. Roses are overpriced and overrated, so give a gift that’s sure to win hearts!



6 Feb

Lifetime Collective & SALAZAR (for LC)created a video trailer to promote their Spring/Summer 2010 line. We’ve received a small shipment for early spring with more to come, so be on the lookout! Meanwhile, check out the trailer and escape Chicago’s bitter winter weather for approximately four minutes and eleven seconds.


From the ballet to the boardroom… we’ve got your gas mask needs covered

1 Feb

One of the most commonly questions at Belmont Army Surplus is who buys these gas masks?

My answer: Lots of folks.

Collectors, survivalists, artists, fetishists, photographers, and stoners* are just the tip of the iceberg. A lot of people buy gas masks just because they’re fans of cool shit! And gas masks are, undeniably, cool shit. Their design is entirely unique because they were designed for function over form, so nothing looks like a gas mask but a gas mask!

We have what is probably the largest collections of vintage gas masks and filters for sale in Chicago. We have authentic US riot masks, iconic Cold War era Russian gas masks, military and civilian gas masks direct from the Israeli Defense Force, plus masks from the Czech Republic, France, and Switzerland.

*please don’t try to convert our gas masks into bongs. There’s a definite risk of suffocation, resulting from misuse, and there are plenty of great headshops in the neighborhood that carry imitation gas masks designed for smoking.

All the photos from this post were found over at an awesome site called Ectoplasmosis!