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New in Stock: Spiewak Fall/Winter 2012

3 Nov










Pearson Duffle

Pearson Duffle

Samuel Fishtail

Samuel Fishtail


New in Stock: CHASER LA

18 Sep

Chaser LA Motorhead tee

Chaser LA Iron Maiden tee

Chaser LA Thelonious Monk

Chaser LA Iron Maiden (womens)

COMUNE for Men

17 Nov

COMUNE was formed from the idea that there will always be people out there who not only embrace the rawness and imperfections of everyday life but use it to creatively push the boundaries of what’s possible in skateboarding, fashion, art, and music their own way, with complete disregard of the consequences.


Vincent Jacket

Joel Fair Isle Knit Pullover Hoodie

Joel Fair Isle Knit Pullover Hoodie


Roosevelt Picked Fleece Bomber Henley

New Mens Spiewak Jackets for Fall/Winter 2011

17 Nov

We do ship! If you see anything you need please contact us at: 773-549-1038 ex.1

Barrow Jacket

Barrow Jacket SOLD OUT!

Dugan Pea Coat

Dugan Pea Coat

Humbolt Jacket

Humbolt Jacket SOLD OUT!

Pearson Duffle

Pearson Duffle

Taft Jacket

Taft Al-1 Jacket

New Women Spiewak Jackets Fall/Winter 2011

6 Oct

Spiewak jackets are starting to arrive for Fall/Winter.
We will update this list with photos as we get them in.
(Updated 1/27/11)

Here is what we have in stock right now:

Milligan SOLD OUT!!
Morton Cape
McElroy (in Tanker Olive, Navy and Black) SOLD OUT!!!

The Warren (in Sage, Grey and Black) SOLD OUT in Sage and Grey!!

Cadet Coat SOLD OUT!!!

Its Raining Raen inside Belmont Army

13 Sep

Continuing on the classics trend, Raen delivers with their line of timeless, yet innovated and affordable, sunglasses.
Come try on the entire collection and find your perfect pair for Fall, or call us and we will ship your pair out to you.

Raen Sunglasses

Fall Wardrobe Essential: The Cape Jacket

3 Sep

As much as we love Summer, we can’t help but get excited about Fall when the jackets start showing up in the shop.
This year we are super excited about the cape jacket, as it translates into the ultimate layering piece–perfect those early cool days ahead.
This one, by Tulle, has vintage appeal, a removable faux fur collar and massive potential for turning heads.

Falll 2011 Cape Jacket by Tulle

Just what the Dr. ordered

17 Jan

You have to see these boots, they’re a trip. 1419 Boot by Dr. Marten.

14 eye Koram Flash

1490 10 eye Black Dr. Marten’s for men and women.


Jeffrey Campbell ‘Starburst’

14 Nov

Starburst in Winter White

Ladies go crazy with Jeffrey Campbell on your feet!  These little boots have what it takes for you to take on the street, they have cute studs sprinkled about, and three gold buckles that wrap around the ankle.  I haven’t seen these booties in Winter white anywhere else so get ’em  while we still have ’em.

sizes 6-10 available at our lakeview location.

*-* My


2 Nov




Banned in the USA Dopamine Tee


The Kiss The Stone Bomber Jacket with detachable hood

Halloween may be over, but the treats just keep on coming! We received a large shipment of INSIGHT for our ladies and gents last Friday. The denim brand you love is back with dark denim, black, gray, and even corduroy for the fall season. Also in are vibrant flannels, artist tees, and edgy jackets that can give you a fresh look that will keep you warm with that November chill.