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New in Stock: Deux Lux Bags

10 May

Launched in 2005, Deux Lux is the combined vision of Fati Mahdavi (aka “Mama”) and Sara Naghedi. This multi-generational team created a timeless line and found quick success.  From sparkles to studs, neon pink to purple lined clutches, Deux Lux will have people stopping you on street to ask where in the world you got that amazing bag from.   Pure awesomeness.

The “Empire” Clutch and Crossbody bags



New Skate Shop Items Available Today

25 Apr


Nike SB "Kozik"

Nike SB "Kozik"


Adidas Busenitz AKA "The Bluebird", or "Blusenitz"

Adidas Busenitz AKA "The Bluebird", or "Blusenitz"


Belmont Army Skate tee

Belmont Army Black Flag Skate Tee (also available in red)

New in Stock: Mono & Me Bracelets

4 Apr

MONO & ME is a young Spanish bracelet brand based in Barcelona, which you can collect in many colors–each with their own special meaning:

Red – passion, sensitivity, love
Blue – harmony, friendship, devotion
Green – hope, balance, youth
Yellow – enjoyment, creativity, rich life
Pink – kindness, sensitivity, pleasure
Orange – party, pleasure, happiness
White – innocent, harmony, serenity
Black – nobility, fidelity, seriousness

Valentine’s Day Ideas from Belmont Army (with love) xoxo

6 Feb

Red "Wilimina" Jacket by Jack BB Dakota


Blank NYC Jean Jacket, Red "Earnest" Dress by Jack BB Dakota


Classic "Wayfarer" Sunglasses by Ray Ban, Trucker Jean Jacket in Raw Gray by Levi's, Red Dibi Skinny Tie, Nike SB Plaid L/S Shirt


RVCA "Faction" L/S Pullover Hoodie, Dibi Tie, Levi's, Converse with Red Laces

Volcom POSSO

2 Feb

POSSO (meaning v: “I can”) is an out-of-this world collaboration between best friends Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini.

Together, they bridge design, music, and art in an ever-evolving project that takes them all over the world. POSSO works to create an all around sensory experience for music lovers globally, their style, passion for life and all that surrounds it makes these girls truly one step ahead of time.

The Posso Maxi Dress. Complete with adjustable tie shoulder straps, this dress can also be worn as a vest. Also available in black.

Posso Crop tank with an exaggerated hi-low hem. Also available in black and white print.

Skim Milk T-Shirts

21 Jan

After being unimpressed by most designs, Skim Milk decided to take the art of making a cool T-shirt into their own hands.
Passionate about bringing you the most thought-provoking designs that blur the lines of innovation and sarcasm, wearing a Skim Milk Tee will not only make you look cool, but it will make the most attractive person in the room want to talk to you. (To either slap you, make out with you, or if you’re lucky–a little of both.)

WIne Cooler/Kill Whitey

Wine Cooler/Kill Whitey

Ohm Sweet Ohm/Angel Dust Saved My Marriage

Ohm Sweet Ohm/Angel Dust Saved My Marriage

Eggs Over Nasty/Anton

Eggs Over Nasty/Anton

Baxter of California

18 Nov

Created in 1965 as the very first line of grooming products just for men, Baxter of California was sought after by everyone from the guys next door to leading men from Hollywood. This was the line for the ultimate playboy. Today Baxter of California has a new look and feel with updated packaging, exciting new imagery, and improved formulations that combine the trusted traditions of science with fine ingredients with nature.

Who wouldn’t want to open their medicine cabinet and have nothing but these products inside?

New in Stock: The Latest Chromacoat Edition of Nixon Watches

10 Feb

Nixon's Chromacoat Seafoam Series

Nixon’s newest colorway in their Chromacoat series is now in stock.  (You may remember their last smash color in this series called Gunship.)  These watches are too cool for words or photos and must be seen in person.

“With “chroma” meaning purity of color and “coat” being the applied coat on top of the steel IP plating, Nixon’s Chromacoat is designed to age. Through normal wear and tear, each and every watch with this special finish will scratch and chip showing the owner what a life well lived will look like, creating a completely individual and custom version. “

Lets get ‘Native’

30 Apr

“Inspired by classic, casual silhouettes, but made with the  lightest and most comfortable material available, native shoes are the best of both worlds. Footwear for the future done in the style of everything we’ve ever loved about shoe design. you can slip them on for a quick stroll, throw them into your backpack for a day at the beach orkeep them on hand for apres. our aesthetic is relaxed, flexible and active. Native Shoes is a footwear for anybody, anywhere, anytime.” – (Taken for the Native Footwear website.

The Alternative Fashion

30 Jan

If you are one of those people who is all about simplicity and try keeping fussy fashions to a minimum, you need to check out the new brand we are receiving at Belmont Army. Alternative Apparel had set it’s sights on perfecting the basic tee, and popular opinion says they have achieved this goal. The softest fabrics, eye-catching colors, and perfect fit combine to create something you want to wear day to day. On top of that, the variety of styles are unisex, organic, and affordable–everyone wins!

Good luck keeping your hands off these!