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New in Stock: Mono & Me Bracelets

4 Apr

MONO & ME is a young Spanish bracelet brand based in Barcelona, which you can collect in many colors–each with their own special meaning:

Red – passion, sensitivity, love
Blue – harmony, friendship, devotion
Green – hope, balance, youth
Yellow – enjoyment, creativity, rich life
Pink – kindness, sensitivity, pleasure
Orange – party, pleasure, happiness
White – innocent, harmony, serenity
Black – nobility, fidelity, seriousness


Conquer the winter blues with our WEEK-LONG sale

4 Jan

This week only!

30% Off All Winter Jackets

Don’t forget the 40% off clearance sale in the back of the first floor and the skate sneaks in the basement level.

OBEY Dead Unicorn Necklace…Black Rainbow Sold Separately

7 Mar

Tired of your friends telling you that your current unicorn necklace makes you look like a pansy?  Well then it’s time to get the OBEY Unicorpse skeleton necklace.  These very limited jewelery pieces were designed for OBEY by local Chicago artist, Brett Manning.  Don’t worry, she guarantees no baby unicorns where harmed in the name of art.

New in Stock: The Latest Chromacoat Edition of Nixon Watches

10 Feb

Nixon's Chromacoat Seafoam Series

Nixon’s newest colorway in their Chromacoat series is now in stock.  (You may remember their last smash color in this series called Gunship.)  These watches are too cool for words or photos and must be seen in person.

“With “chroma” meaning purity of color and “coat” being the applied coat on top of the steel IP plating, Nixon’s Chromacoat is designed to age. Through normal wear and tear, each and every watch with this special finish will scratch and chip showing the owner what a life well lived will look like, creating a completely individual and custom version. “


8 Nov


  • Three Doors Necklace
  • Love Me Tender Ring
  • Autonomous Ring
  • Golden Wisdom Necklace

“I aspire to create jewelry that reveals the depth of ones character, rather than flaunt the balance of their bank account. I strive to create wearable art that people will not only cherish and adorn themselves with throughout their lifetime, but to also create keepsakes that are passed on through future generations.”

–Artist statement about Australian brand No Tomorrow now sold at Belmont Army! Retrospect Galleries in Australia has many contributing artists who debut various forms of art in the gallery, but the hype spread overseas. These pieces really are more like artwork than just another gem you see on the streets so make a statement!


Mayra’s pick of the week

1 Aug




With the Lolla weekend approaching you need to get your rockstar look on if you want to sneak into VIP.

Shades: Von Zipper- Lucre Collection- Karmic $195
Top: RVCA- Zoey- short sleeve striped v-neck $36
Pants: OBEY- Raw Love 32″ inseam- Black $65
Shoes: Dolce Vita- Madison 4″ heels- Black $132
Jacket: OBEY- Bullox Leather look bomber- Black $94
(For a limited time receive 20% off all fashion clothes, see store for details)



5 Jul

As you may know, Vonzipper has provided Belmont Army with quality shades in styles that can suit any personality. In the past couple weeks we’ve received more colorways of everyone’s favorite styles such as the Dharmas and the Rockfords.

Vonzipper’s new Limited Edition collection of sunglasses LUCRE (meaning “illicit money or profits”) showcases a more unique style that takes some confidence to pull off. Make sure you check out all the styles and colorways at the website or, better yet, come try them on at our Lakeview location!


We Carry: Erica Weiner Jewelry

2 Jul

The Vial Necklace is one of our favorite Erica Weiner pieces. A teeny-tiny 1 1/4″ glass vial hangs on an antique 18″ brass chain, one end of which is wrapped around the top part of the vial. The other chain end terminates in a cork, which, when inserted into the vial, acts as the necklace closure.

While the vial is already filled you can remove the cork you can add your own small personal goods to the vial. Maybe some sand from the beach during your summer vacation, or write a note and place it in the vial and give it as a gift to a friend. Endless possibility and endless compliments too.