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Skim Milk Tees

15 Feb

skim milk Wear these tees from local Chicago designer Josh Scholl and he will pretty much guarantee you will soon be getting laid.  Unfortunately, we have a feeling he plans on personally backing up this claim.  We here at Belmont Army love these tees because they always evoke a reaction – sometimes even a good one!  This is why you will see these tees on members of  The Black Lips, Les Savy Fav, Pavement, Neon Indian, Thee Oh Sees, etc…   See what Time Out Chicago had to say about Josh Scholl and Skim Milk here.


New in Stock: CHASER LA tees

17 Feb

Dreamer, Motorhead, Slayer and many more!

chaser la spring 2012

Dreamer, Motorhead, and Slayer for both men and women

Skim Milk T-Shirts

21 Jan

After being unimpressed by most designs, Skim Milk decided to take the art of making a cool T-shirt into their own hands.
Passionate about bringing you the most thought-provoking designs that blur the lines of innovation and sarcasm, wearing a Skim Milk Tee will not only make you look cool, but it will make the most attractive person in the room want to talk to you. (To either slap you, make out with you, or if you’re lucky–a little of both.)

WIne Cooler/Kill Whitey

Wine Cooler/Kill Whitey

Ohm Sweet Ohm/Angel Dust Saved My Marriage

Ohm Sweet Ohm/Angel Dust Saved My Marriage

Eggs Over Nasty/Anton

Eggs Over Nasty/Anton

Jeremy Scott x ADIDAS

3 Sep

There’s always been haters out there that don’t appreciate the Jeremy Scott x Adidas collaborations that have been receiving so much hype for the last couple years.  If this is you, then no reason to read any further.  Now, for the few of us that still remain that crave those furry panda kicks and gold winged sneakers we have the perfect tee for you.  The J.S. Paws tee is the latest apparel piece to arrive, and if this is like every other Jeremy Scott piece we have received, it’s probably sold out by the time you see this.

Are you Northside or Southside?

22 Feb

Warning:  This is a rivally that will never end.

Do you have that friend who can’t stop talking about how great the Southside is?  Or that old girlfriend who says she grew up on the Northside (but really grew up in Schaumburg)?   Here is a shirt to stuff in their mouth and shut them up.   Created by a local artist “Noah” who lives somewhere in the middle.